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Miss tourism Ethiopia 2004, wins titile for ethiopia


Ethiopia’s First Queen Of Tourism: Miss Tourism Ethiopia 2004,

Helina Mezegbu, made a stunning debut to her international

career Ethiopia’s Tourism ambassador by winning a title for

Ethiopia at the recently concluded MISS TOURISM PLANET

held in Greece,The win was all the more significant for Ethiopia, because

the cream of international press were there and the fact

that Athens is the home of the 2004 Olympic games, and this

gave Miss tourism Ethiopia 2004, an opportunity to conducT

 some valuable Public relations on behalf of Ethiopia.

And so once again the GreAt name of Ethiopia has been

brought to the lime light in a positive way by the  Ethiopian life foundation


This is the first time that Miss Tourism Ethiopia is

participation in the pageant, following on from the

pageant Helina will now get ready for her participation

at the 2004 Miss International pageant in Japan and chinA,

 In a related development the 2nd runner up from the

2004 Miss Universe Ethiopia pageant, Tigist Menguistu, is

representing Ethiopia at the Miss Tourism International

pageant in the Ukraine, this is also the first time that

Ethiopia will be participating in the pageant.

 So far this year 4 young Ethiopians have been

giveN the opportunity to represent their

country at international beauty pageants

and the trend shall continue



Miss Ethiopia United statespageant will be the only pageant

in North America where the winner will be an automatic semi-finalist at the Miss Ethiopia World pageant and be eligible to represent

Ethiopia at up to 15 pageants worldwide. The franchise agreement will permit organisers to hold the first ever Miss Ethiopia USA Pageant, and it is hoped this will crate a clearly defined role for the eventual winner, and she will have the task of representing Ethiopia at international events

The decision was taken to further consolidate and expand the Miss Ethiopia World Brand name

It is also hoped that the pageant will finally provide some long needed clarification and credibility for the new queen, since there are several "Miss Ethiopia" pageants in the US, non of which have any International pageant licences or experiences behind them, and do not send their queens anywhere

The Ethiopian life foundation on the other hands has 15 International pageant franchises to it name and is actively promoting Ethiopia by sending winners and runner up from its pageants to International pageants, some thing no other organisation can boast of doing 





Miss Ethiopia world embarks on world tour


Miss Ethiopia World 2003; Muna Fikremariam took her first steps as an International Goodwill Ambassador for Ethiopia this week, as she embarked on her World tour, that will see her visiting Cairo Egypt, Istanbul Turkey, Beijing China, Hong Kong china, Macau and Shanghai China.

Miss Fikremariam will be competing in the 2004 Miss Model of the World Beauty pageant organised by Intermodel of Turkey in cooperation with the Chinese government,

Miss Fikremariam is thus fulfilling her dreams of representing Ethiopian at a major event after taking over the Title of Miss Ethiopia World 2003, Muna Fikremariam was also heavily involved in the recently concluded first ever Miss Universe Ethiopia pageant and was not only a Judge at that show, but trained the girls and hosted them to a lavish dinner party courtesy of Ato Solomon of China paradise restaurant in Addis Ababa.



 PRESS STATEMENT re trade mark infringement


 It has come to our attention that the Ethiopian life Foundations

Miss Ethiopia World 2003 Title is being used illegally to market some incense in Ethiopia.

 Equally our video, which is our property, is also illegally being used to promote these adverts

 The Ethiopian life foundation wishes to inform the Ethiopian people that it does not endorsee nor is it in any way connected to the incense that is being marketed by




Mr. Ataklty,

M/s. Gaf Merchandise Plc,

P.O. Box 11176,

Addis Ababa.


S.G. Vijay
#114, 4TH MAIN ROAD,
Tel : 0091-80-6609945, 6601434
Mobile : 98440-24553
Fax: 0091-80-6508095, 6610132
E-mail :


This Organisations Title Of MISS ETHIOPIA WORLD are being exploited by the above companies illegally, and without obtaining the proper authorisation from the Ethiopian life Foundation the owner of the title Miss Ethiopia World ,

We urge the public to be vigilant and avoid being deceived into thinking that the Ethiopian life foundation supports the commercial activities of the above companies in ethiopia with regards to the incense; curretnly being marketed using our trademark .

we do not and have never agreed to any use of our mark by them.

we are taking the necessary steps to ensure they respect our trademark, and will take similar steps against any one not doing the samE



The Ethiopian life foundation inaugurates a second beauty pageant.


The President of the Ethiopian Life Foundation has announced the inauguration of a second National beauty pageant in Ethiopia, his explanation for this was that the work loads of the current and future Miss Ethiopia Worlds might not permit her to attend all the events that he has planned for her, and so just as countries have several ambassadors for different countries he sees a requirement for a complementing Queen to represent Ethiopia at certain events that Miss Ethiopia world will not be able to attend due to scheduling conflicts, Ethiopia is a land filled with such beauty that it would be impossible for one person alone to promote that beauty worldwide, and it is not about one person, it is about representing Ethiopia on the world stage, and more than one person can do that provided the goals are the same he said in a press release We currently have several obligations that will severely stretch Miss Ethiopia worlds abilities to attend all of them, so we feel it would be a good idea to set up a complementing pageant to give additional girls the chance to represent Ethiopia on the International stage. The name of the pageant is to be called

Miss Tourism Ethiopia, further to a licence to participate in Miss Tourism of the Planet contest in Greece in July 2004,

Miss Tourism Ethiopia Pageant is sponsored and supported by its parent company Tourism Ethiopia Ltd, that plans to actively promote Ethiopias Tourism Potential outside Ethiopia, complement Miss Ethiopia world and take part in International events such at the planned Ethiopian Festival of Arts and Culture due to be organised by the Ethiopian life foundation, and held in Addis Ababa in 2004, this new development is as a result of the recent discussions with the Honourable Tourism Commissioner in London at the World Travel Market Convention and the Presidents desire to work even more closely with the Ethiopian Tourism Commission to boost tourism in Ethiopia and comes on the back of Miss Ethiopia worlds recent success at International beauty pageants, which as shone a light of opportunity to put Ethiopian on the World stage


Deadline for Miss Ethiopia Worlds summer essay contest extended,

The first annual Miss Ethiopia worlds summer essay competition has been extended till the end of November, in a press release the President stated that his was to allow for some of the students who were on holiday to meet the registration requirement that they must be certified as bona fide students by their educational institution, and since the majority of participants were on holidays at the time of the contests inauguration, it was deem prudent to extend it to allow the contestants provide the required information


Ethiopian Life Foundation Awarded exclusive Franchise licenses for Miss International, & Miss Earth,

The Ethiopian Life foundation is pleased to announced that it has been awarded the exclusive licenses to send representatives from Ethiopia to MISS INTERNATIONAL in Tokyo Japan, and Miss Earth In The Philippines, in addition the existing licenses it already holds, in a press release the president stated that he was delighted to be in such a position to be able promote Ethiopian culture and its history on the world stage, this will further create greater opportunities for young Ethiopians to participate in global affairs from a fashion perspective, it will create opportunities for fashions designers to have their creations exhibited at International events world wide 


Miss Ethiopia World to host Aids Remembrance

Miss Ethiopia World 2004 will be the proud host of the annual Aids candlelit remembrance organised world wide by the World Health council and scheduled to be organised in Addis Ababa by the Ethiopian life Foundation this will be one of the first official engagements of the newly crowned Miss Ethiopia World 2004, the show promises to be a spectacular one stay tuned for further details


Miss Ethiopia World 2004 competition opens to contestants

The second annual Miss Ethiopia world beauty pageant is officially open to new contestants, The adverts are expected to be published in every major newspaper in Ethiopia, and several other language paper to give the entire country a chance to participate in the contest this year regardless of ethnic origin.  In an interview with members of the press the President and CEO Mr A. Abulime said, We want to encourage all Ethiopians to come out and show their beauty, Ethiopia is a land of contrasting beauty he added we want to placate those individuals who felt that too many of the girls in the last contest were from Addis Ababa, when in fact the reason for that was that we did not get much response from outside Addis Ababa, so we hope that this year all regions for the country will be fully represented.


 Ethiopian life Foundation awarded exclusive Franchise rights for Miss Tourism of the Globe Competition

The Ethiopian life foundation and its president and CEO have been awarded the exclusive license for the Miss Tourism of the globe Beauty pageant normally held in Moscow, this means that any individuals who wish to represent Ethiopia in this pageant that aims to promote tourism have to participate in the Miss Ethiopia world Beauty pageant in order to be selected to attend.


 Miss Ethiopia World launches summer essay contest

The Ethiopian Life foundation has launched Miss Ethiopia Worlds Summer essay contest for all young students nationwide, the title of this years essay is how we can stop the spread of HIV / aids in Ethiopia, the essay contest has received the backing of on of the premier institutions in Addis Ababa, Unity college who are cooperation with the Ethiopian life foundation in the promotion of this essay, 


 Miss Ethiopia World launches Circle of excellence awards

The Miss Ethiopia World’s circle of excellence awards has been inaugurated by the Ethiopian Life Foundation, designed to promote and reward academic excellence, the awards will be issued to all 12th grade final year students who make perfect A scores in all their E.S.C.L.E.