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Step 1:
Measure Under the Bustline
Put on your best-fitting, unpadded, underwire bra. Measure underneath the bustline and make sure to measure tightly. Also, make sure the tape is straight across the back.

If you come up with a half measurement, like 32 1/2, round UP to 33". If you measure between 32 and 32 1/2, round DOWN. (In general, the rule of thumb for all measuring is: less than 1/2", round DOWN, more than a 1/2", round UP.)

Write this number down. This is MEASUREMENT 1.

Step 3:
Measure Over the Bustline
Measure over the biggest point of your bustline. (Use your nipples as your guide.)

This is a looser measurement. Make sure the tape is straight.

Write this number down. This is

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Step 2:
Calculate Your BAND SIZE
If MEASUREMENT 1 is UNDER 33 inches, add 5 inches. If this number is odd, round up to the next EVEN number.

MEASUREMENT 1 is OVER 33 inches, add 3 inches. If this number is odd, round up to the next EVEN number.

Write this EVEN number down. This is your

Step 4:
Calculate Your CUP SIZE
First, subtract MEASUREMENT 1 from MEASUREMENT 2. Then consult the following chart to find your CUP SIZE.

Combine your BAND SIZE and your CUP SIZE to get your BRA SIZE.

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