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"Beauty Making a Difference "
Our objectives in holding this Beauty Pagent, is to give young Ethiopian Girls and opportunity to give some thing back to the community, by using their God given gift of beauty to help less fortunate girls in their community who seem to be living hopeless lives and are trying to use  their God given beauty to obtain finacial independence, by selling them selves to as many men as would sleep with them, This is creating an environment where these young girls see men and sex as the only means of survival, which in turn fuels the current trend of sexual exploitation of young Ethiopian girls and women,
The trend is getting worse as some foreign men now flock to Ethiopia to have "fun" with our young girls, and our young girls now come to see these foreign men as their liberators from poverty, and so will jump at the chance to be with such men, whose only goal real is to exploit as many Young and naive Ethiopian Girls for sexual gratification as possible, as a result of whic aids and hiv is being spread widley, by these young girls and vice versa
We intend to highlight this and advise these young girls by giving them as much information as possible so that they can make informed choices about their future, and work with the various Government agencies to ensure that Our beloved country does not be come a sexual vacation spot for these men, and that only genuine well meaning tourist are welcomed to our country
Join us in our goals